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We love kids, & the kid in everyone! As parents, coaches, teachers, our products reflect 17 years of commitment to kids' safety, health, and growth.

Trampoline Safety is our Top Priority - 
The Safest Trampolines for Sale and lots of fun Trampoline Accessories

The majority of trampoline accidents occur on the jumping surface. JumpSport is the first and only company to design and engineer the World's Safest Trampolines! JumpSport's Safety-Enhanced outdoor trampolines are specifically designed to reduce jumping related injuries.

"I applaud JumpSport for the important safety improvements they've made to backyard trampolines. A trampoline is one of the best ways to develop endurance, strength, spatial awareness, and balance."
~Mark Young, Gymnastics Coach
of Olympic Gold Medal-Winner Amy Chow

Looking to trampoline safety?
Check out our backyard trampolines:

AlleyOOP Sports Outdoor Trampolines include our Patented Safety Technology with integrated safety enclosure, and represent the ultimate evolution in trampoline safety and fun.

  • The first of our AlleyOOP Safety Trampoline Systems, check out our elegant green 14' round VariableBounce.
  • The AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Safety Trampoline with integrated AirShock™ is our safest and most advanced system. The revolutionary design and engineering provides a dramatic improvement over a single-bed model.

Check out our trampoline games that promote trampoline safety!

  • Trampoline Basketball - Our patented basketball sets let your kids Slam Dunk like the pros! By far, these are our most popular accessories.

Check out our Safety Net Enclosures and trampoline parts!