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JumpSport invented and built the market for trampolines with safety nets. Today, as a direct result of JumpSport's pioneering trampoline safety innovations, over 95% of all trampolines or 1.6 million trampolines are sold worldwide each year with a safety net.

Mark Publicover, JumpSport's Founder, was a general contractor in Saratoga, California, until shortly after his three young children received a trampoline as a gift from their grandparents in 1995. After several fall-off accidents, he looked for some form of fall protection, but not finding any he designed and built the first affordable safety enclosure for trampolines in 1996. After learning that between 50% and 80% of all serious trampoline injuries or hospitalizations were the result of fall-off accidents, he put all his energies into designing a low-cost and easy-to-install, yet strong and durable, trampoline net system.

In July of 1997, at the National Sporting Goods Show in Chicago, JumpSport displayed its JumpCourt Trampoline Net that could be easily installed onto most sizes and all makes and models of trampolines. It was an immediate success with the media, Mark appeared on Good Morning America and many other News Shows and the rest is trampoline history!

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