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JumpSport® Outdoor Trampolines

Why have millions of parents said yes to JumpSport trampoline safety for over 16 years?

"After going through three cheap, mass market trampolines in 5 years, I was glad to find JumpSport. My kids use it constantly, and it's so much better and safer... I wish it had been the first trampoline I bought a long time ago!"
~K.F., Mother, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Your kids will enjoy their trampoline well into their adult lives -save money and the environment by protecting your kids with quality and safety that lasts a lifetime- invest in a JumpSport Trampoline. Happy Bouncing!
~ Mark & Valerie Publicover

Parents of Three, Founders of JumpSport

Young Girl Jumping

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JumpSport Classic

Trampolines - Starting at $545

Strong, reliable, well built and designed, the JumpSport Classic is the best starter outdoor trampoline on the market. Make it even safer by adding the optional net enclosure, and you can be sure that you've bought your kids fitness gear that they'll love for the fun and you'll love for the safety.

  • • Strong galvanized patented
    Sure-Lok System
  • • Our patented exterior mounted enclosure net in three options (sold separately)
  • • Better padding than any mass market competitor
  • • 10 year prorated warranty on the steel of the trampoline, one year on most other parts

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AlleyOOP Sports

Trampolines - Starting at $1349

Our most advanced designs ever, the AlleyOOP is simply, the best trampoline available. Innovative bed, spring, and net enclosure designs make the AlleyOOP one of the best bouncing yet safest outdoor trampolines ever made. If you're looking for premier safety, the best materials, and most advanced designs, the AlleyOOP is the model for you.

  • • Strongest galvanized patented Sure-Lok System, with integrated enclosure poles
  • • Our STRONGEST patented exterior mounted enclosure net
  • • The THICKEST padding on the market
  • • LIFETIME warranty on the steel of the trampoline and enclosure poles, 5 years on most other parts

Unsafe Trampolines,
Being Sold by Discount Retailers

DoubleBounce™ or Variable-, Power-, Staged-, & SoftBounce™ Patented Trampoline Safety Systems
(Engineered to improve shock absorption of the jumping surface & to smooth energy transfer between the jumper and the trampoline bed)

No Patented Safety Improvements to Protect Jumpers & Prevent Injuries
(Faster deceleration = more stress on jumpers body = higher back & joint compression = increased injuries during awkward landings, etc.)

Triple & Dual-Staged™ or Extra-Stretch™ Springs & Taller Frame Height (Safer, softer, deeper bounce = less stress on jumper so the springs absorb more energy = better return, higher bounce & improved safety for kids and adults)

Stiffer springs & Shorter frame = Higher Bed Tension (Harder, shallower bounce = more stress on jumper = body must compress & bend to absorb more energy = less energy goes into springs = lower return energy = lower bounce = less safety & fun)

10 Rows Mat Stitching with UV Shield to Protect Threads

4 Rows Mat Stitching/No UV shield to protect threads

Thick Trampoline Spring Pad for Safety: Our higher density closed cell foam is 1.5" thick for AlleyOop from edge to edge and 1" thick at the frame tapering to 1/2" for JumpSport.

Thin Frame/Spring Pad: Average foam thickness across pad is less than 0.65" thick, with just 1/2" foam over 65% of the pad surface.

Jet Black Powder Coat, Heavy Duty Trampoline Frame
(Quality Steel, heavy 14 gauge top rail for superior strength. Blends-in, looks attractive, 10yr frame warranty)

Unattractive, silver-color, thin-steel frame
(Cheap steal that fatigues quickly, rusts and then breaks)  Note: Jumpking & Hedstrom Recall over 1 million trampolines for breaking frames (learn more)

JumpSport trampoline mats use the time-tested method
of stitching straps and V-rings.

Typical service life of 5 to 10 years

WARNING: Some manufacturers use inexpensive grommets that puncture and tear through the mat fabric during installation. The trampoline mat will likely begin to tear apart in the first year and most likely fail within two years!

JumpSport High Quality & Durability
(Lower Maintenance Costs = Annual cost savings of over $100.00)

20% to 30% Better Bounce Performance with Steel Springs

Fabric Stretch-Bands give poor performance

Quality springs are 4 times stronger and last 5 times longer

Flimsy Stretch-bands weaken and fatigue quickly

Replacement cost for one spring is just $3.00(U.S.)

$150.00 to replace entire mat if just one stretch-band breaks
(stretch-bands are permanently stitched to mat)

Our trampoline pad is separate from mat with fabric on top & bottom to protect the foam

Trampoline Pad is permanently stitched to mat and has no bottom fabric to protect foam

JumpSport Higher Quality & Durability = Lower Maintenance Costs = Annual cost savings ~ $100.00

JumpSport Trampolines offer even more benefits:
• Easy to Assemble
• Smooth Jumping Surface
• W-shaped Legs = Stability on Uneven Ground